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What do we offer to the customer?

Our offer is primarily employees. Thanks to their many years of experience, knowledge and commitment that we can enter the areas that are reserved for the best players on the market of shop furniture. Thanks to the stubbornness and ambition of the board and the support of employees, we are not afraid of challenges and implementation of ambitious projects from concept to implementation. The newest 3D software, ERP production management system and machines are only a tool for the implementation of projects entrusted to us by clients.

Our client is a demanding customer and expects us to provide a comprehensive service. From design to finished product. The amount of materials used by creative designers is very wide. Starting with furniture elements made of constructional steel, aluminum, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, they come in combination with wood, particle board, MDF, glass and plastic. They want the furniture to be covered with glass, laminate, plastic or trimmed with material. Delivered and mounted to the indicated address within the prescribed period.

How do we do it?
Our know-how is covered by the company's secret. Knowledge and experience gained through years of work has resulted in the selection of optimal technological solutions. Everything to achieve the intended goals and meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. It is worth mentioning that we have 8,500 m2 of production and storage space with the possibility of extension for another several thousand square meters. We are not afraid to invest, that's why we are equipped with CNC machines and the latest technical achievements. We have a lot of of conventional machines for carpentry, glass, metal, plexiglass, etc. We work with universities and scientists in order to constantly improve our products and develop new technologies. If there is an option we try to use a help of European Funds, especially in developing utility models and patents.

Looking for a professional and timely manufacturer - contact us.
If you have a project, sketch, visualization or just an idea, send an inquiry or contact us. We will develop a project for you, make a prototype, assemble and test it. The technical and construction department will develop, implement and evaluate each product for production. Our motto since its inception was: ``nothing is impossible for us``.
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