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our history

     We started from … itinerant squares. Today, we are one of the most dynamically developing companies in the furniture industry.

     The period of the political transformation after 1989 is the time when Wioletta and Wojciech Kędziora, thanks to their entrepreneurship and hard work, started to take advantage of the opportunities that then emerged in the new reality. The experience gained was a kind of school not only for entrepreneurship, but most of all for building relationships and the fact that in business (even the smallest one) people are the most important. This is the motto behind all subsequent business decisions of the Kędzior family.

     And so, the turning point turned out to be 1997. It was then that a 5-10-15 store with children’s clothes was opened in Kruszwica. With time, similar points are created in Inowrocław, Bydgoszcz and Toruń. Eight years later, the company switches to the franchise system and then stores are opened: Hot-Oil (Inowrocław, Toruń) Coccodrillo and House in Inowrocław. It is an invaluable experience that allowed us to perfectly understand this industry and the needs of clothing chains that need good-quality store furniture, in a modern design, but at a competitive price.

     It was a niche that was successfully developed. The plant was established in 2008 in Kruszwica. In the rooms of the former orangeade bottling plant, there was a carpentry shop and a metalworking department on 300 square meters. Again, hard work and honesty towards customers and employees paid off. The company continued to grow. Contractors trusted us. Already in 2012, the carpentry shop and wet paint shop were moved to the hall of the former dairy in Kruszwica. The locksmith department was also expanded. This meant new opportunities and further development. A year later, the KMW-Invest company was established and in the then newly established Galeria Solna we managed to open stores of the following brands: Coccodrillo, Medicine, Quiosque, 4F. Coccodrillo stores were also opened in Galeria Pomorska in Bydgoszcz and Zielone Arkady.

     The trust of our customers, who more and more often established cooperation with us and appreciated the high quality of the furniture offered, meant systematic development. As a consequence, it became necessary to purchase more areas and production halls.     
     In 2014, such investments were made in Inowrocław. It was there that the entire plant was moved. It was a big impulse to increase employment and invest in modern machinery.

     In June 2018, a production and warehouse hall was put into use, which includes a laser for processing profiles and sheets and a mandrel bender. The nearest plans include the addition of a hall with an area of 2,000 sq m, to which the finished goods warehouse and metal processing plant will be moved.


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